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Intro for Argol ChemicalAgrofleet Sdn Bhd is providing the chemical solutions with Argol Chemicals Sdn Bhd, the chemicals distributor as they started the business since year 1996. Over the years, we had acquired vital business and products knowledge in the industries we served.
Our business is supported by reputated principals from Japan, Australia, Europe, India, Korea and China mainly. Over the years, we had developed good networkingss in sourcing, marketing and delivery. We have offices in all major industrial areas in Malaysia which enable us to provide excellence services to our principals and clients.With the knowledge we had acquired over the years, we are looking forward serve the industries better.
  Chemical Warehouse
The Industries that we serve

Metal Industries

We have degreasing agents which are produced by the reputated producers in the world. The main items we have are as below:

Methylene Chloride
A varieties of solvents group; Aliphatics, Aromatics, Ester, Glycos, Ketones


Ceramic Tiles Industries

The main products we are supplying to ceramic tiles industries are:

Calcined Alumina
Ball Clays
Process Kaolin
Magnesium Carbonate
Calcined Magnesite

And a varieties of deflocculants and binders

Food Industries

Backed with strong principals, Argol is now steadily developing her business in this area. Items that we are now serving this industry are:
Soya Lecithin
Soya Proteins

And a varieties of sweeteners and humitants.

Textiles and Garments Industries

We had been serving dyeing and printing industries for long. The main products we are supplying are:

Bio-polishing agents
Silk Screen printing paste
Complexing agent
Squestering agent

And a varieties of general chemicals; Soda Ash, Sodium Hydrosulphite, Acetic Acid, Hydrogent Peroxide, Salt etc



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Our Philosophy

We are a dynamic company built on a strong spirit to provide quality service and product to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

 We provide quality products, service at competitive price through continuous innovation on our operation.

We believe in mutual benefit and value our customers as business partner. We seek for long term business partnership.